Everyone has days that feel like a challenge to get through. Fortunately there are a few easy things we can do to lift our spirits and feel more energized.

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One of the easiest things to do is to be aware of your breath. Deep breathing is extremely important because it oxygenates the body, carries energy to cells, and can help ground you from the day’s stress. Try this! Put your hands on your lower belly and breathe into your hands. Feel your belly expand and back. If you are not feeling your belly expand, it means you are not breathing deeply.


Moments of exercise done more frequently

A lot people think they need to do exercise for an hour or more to gain the benefits. The reality is that any exercise is better than no exercise. If all you can do is 2-5 minutes of jumping jacks at your desk, great! The goal is to get your heart rate up and get that blood flowing. However, it’s even better if you are able to get out of the building and take in some fresh air and sunlight. Sunlight is important because it helps regulate the hormones that allow us to stay alert and have a good night’s rest.



Ending your shower in a 30 second to 1 minute cold shower can have very positive health benefits. Hot water is very relaxing but the cold water will wake you up and leave you feeling invigorated. It’s also going to stimulate the blood flow so that you have better blood circulation which in turn stimulates the immune system. It might be shocking for the first few seconds but afterwards you will feel great. Give it a try!


Eat something. Drink water.

Having a snack or eating regularly plays a major role in keeping your blood sugar balanced. Blood sugar balance is important in keeping your mood and energy up. When you skip meals, your blood sugar becomes unstable and that can lead to anxiety, fatigue, and irritability. Hydration is also extremely important. Symptoms of dehydrations can be headaches, fatigue, and slow thinking. No bueno! So drink lots of water!


B Vitamins

One of the easiest and fastest ways of taking vitamin B is to get it from a doctor. The good news is that Zuma Wellness comes to you! It takes less than 10 minutes to get a vitamin B shot and for some people with faster metabolisms, the benefits can kick in almost immediately. Benefits include increases in metabolic processes that can produce an increase in energy, improved mood, stress reduction, as well as improved nerve and brain functions. Vitamin B can also improves immune system, as well as gives increase stamina and energy. Many athletes, for instance, take a premium vitamin B shot before their workout because it helps increase their stamina and performance, as well as after a workout to help with a speedy recovery. Sleep is also an area that can improve through B vitamin therapy. B vitamin is needed in the brain to product serotonin and so this also helps reduce anxiety. Get your vitamin B shot!


Essential Oils

The power of essential oils is that they are easy and effective! Whether you are looking for an energy boost or a calming therapy, essential oils can go a long way. Try this: put a few drops of your preferred oil onto the palm of your hand, rub vigorously, and then put your hands over your face to then breathe deeply. Feel the difference! Now exhale. Here are a few of our favorite oils:

In the morning
Peppermint – Energizing

Uplifting to the Brain
Rosemary – memory

Lavender – calm

Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-depressant
Lemon / orange / citrus