The “Pre-Cleanse”

Spring is a great time to cleanse. Spring – you’ve probably heard of “spring cleaning” – is a time to get rid of the old and make room for the new! In Chinese medicine, it is the season associated with the liver – the major organ of detoxification. And as the weather warms up, we naturally move towards eating lighter foods and meals, which definitely supports the cleansing process.


With cleanses becoming very trendy lately, many people think they’re a quick and easy fix. But, in order to be safe and effective, we must take our time with a cleanse. In fact, I split up my cleanses into 3 parts. But for today, let’s just go over the first part: the Pre-Cleanse



Come up with a schedule! Jumping into an extreme cleanse right away without preparation can be shocking and stressful for your body. For example, if you eat a hamburger, beer and fries the night before doing a 1 day water fast, you will probably feel ill! You would be giving your body too much to detox and too suddenly. Allowing time for your Pre-Cleanse lets your body gently start detoxing on its own, so that it’s ready for the height or climax of the cleanse. Treat yourself well and send your body ample notification that you’re going to be cleansing, by easing into the cleanse over a few days:


Day 1: Eliminate alcohol, coffee, sugar.  Eat healthy meals including meat, dairy, nuts/seeds, fruits and veggies.
Day 2: Eliminate meats, dairy, nuts/seeds.  Eat grains, fruits and veggies only.
Day 3: Eliminate grains.  Eat fruits and veggies only.
Day 4: Eliminate fruits and veggies.  Drink juices only.
Day 5 onward: Move into the actual cleanse you have chosen.


Think of this schedule as a template for you to use. Day 5 might be the start of a water fast. But if you were only planning on doing a juice cleanse, use Day 5 onward to continue the juice cleanse for however many days you had planned. Or if your cleanse includes eating a modified diet of clean foods and meals, then you may just do the first couple pre-cleanse days here and be ready for it. Use this schedule as a guide to help ease into your cleanse in a way that best suits your needs.


Stay tuned for next week’s blog that digs into the details of the cleanse itself. And for more Health & Wellness tips and tricks, subscribe to our Newsletter.


Wishing You Glorious Health,
Dr. Sarah