There’s More to a Cleanse than Meets the Eye

There are many factors to a healthy cleanse – the first of which we talked about in our last blog: “The Pre-Cleanse”. You have to let your body know what’s coming and ease into it. But let’s talk about other often overlooked measures in cleansing.

The Post-cleanse

Similar to the Pre-Cleanse, a Post-Cleanse is crucial to ease out of a cleanse gently. Don’t forget to include a post-cleanse phase. I see a lot of people skip this and it can be shocking to the body, make the person ill, and un-do the benefits of the cleanse. Here is a schedule template that can be modified, shortened or extended to match the cleanse and diet you are moving back into:
Day 1: Drink juices only.
Day 2: Eat fruits and veggies only.
Day 3: Add some Grains back in if desired.
Day 4: Add meat and dairy back in if desired.
Day 5: Might not want to, but may add some alcohol, coffee, or sugar back in at the very end.


Support the Body’s Elimination Pathways

Your body’s natural “elimination pathways” will be working overtime and must be kept clear during a cleanse. The kidneys, intestines, skin, and lungs will all need attention and support. To put it bluntly, you will be peeing, pooping, sweating and breathing out toxins.
Kidneys: Pee out the toxins. Drink lots of water to support elimination through the kidneys.
Intestines: Poop out the toxins. Eat lots of fiber. Or consider enemas or colonics. Whatever you do – avoid getting constipated.
Skin: Sweat out the toxins. Exercise and do saunas to break a sweat and support elimination through the skin.
Lungs: Breath out the toxins. Focus on deep breathing exercises and getting fresh air out in nature.


Combat Detox Reactions

 If any of the body’s elimination pathways get backed up or overwhelmed, then negative symptoms may occur. Common detox reaction symptoms include fatigue, headaches, irritability, constipation, acne, and so on. If these occur, increase some of the supportive measures listed above to help eliminate the problem. And if you ever decide to end a cleanse early, then don’t stop the cleanse abruptly, follow the Post-Cleanse regimen to ease out of it.


Holistic Cleansing beyond the Body

Cleansing can also be about so much more than just your body and diet. Treat every aspect of your life with as much respect as your body. Rest! Take a break from the world. Cleanse your mind of TV, Facebook, and Social media. Heard of Spring Cleaning? Your physical environment around you can affect you in big ways, so clean it out! Also seize this opportunity to do some emotional clearing – take time to journal, reflect, forgive the past, and resolve relationship concerns. Lead a clean life in every sense of the word during this period. And notice the results! For more Health & Wellness tips and tricks, subscribe to our Newsletter.


Wishing You Glorious Health,

Dr. Sarah