Swimming with sunscreen? While we definitely want to prevent sunburns and skin damage, we also want to minimize our exposure to toxic chemicals. Just think about what’s in the mix if you’re swimming in a chlorinated pool while wearing a chemical sunscreen.

On top of the potential hormone disrupting chemicals in the sunscreen, chlorine can cause…


● Dry skin

● Irritated skin

● Irritated eyes

● Potential damage on a cellular level

On the bright side, chlorine keeps pools from becoming germ-infested disease spreaders. Here are some simple tips so you can enjoy a dip on a hot summer day AND minimize your toxic load:

1️⃣ Drink Water. The better hydrated you are, the less water your body will absorb from the pool! Water also helps your body cleanse and detox.

2️⃣ Use Mineral Sunscreens. Some amount of sunscreen will come off into the pool water, and you’ll be swimming in whatever chemicals are there.

3️⃣ Rinse Off. When you’re finished swimming, rinse off in a quick shower and change out of your swimsuit.

4️⃣ Shower & Shampoo. When you get home from the pool, shower up with soap and shampoo to wash away any remnants of chlorine on your skin and in your hair.

5️⃣ Eat Veggies. Fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants that protect your cells from oxidative damage - whether that’s from chemicals, chlorine, or the sun.

Don’t get me wrong - I’m all for enjoying the pleasures of summer. Let’s just stay safe and healthy while we’re at it!