Understand the distinction between naturopathic doctors and naturopaths. Learn why it's crucial to work with a licensed naturopathic doctor, as not all practitioners are created equal. Discover the importance of state licensing and the value of experience in naturopathic medicine.


As we near the end of our naturopathic medicine blog series, it's important to address a critical distinction within the field: the difference between naturopathic doctors and naturopaths. Not all practitioners in the realm of naturopathy are created equal. In this post, we will delve into the importance of working with a licensed naturopathic doctor, highlight the variability of state licensing, and emphasize the value of experience in naturopathic medicine.

Licensed Naturopathic Doctors vs. Naturopaths

It is crucial to understand the difference between licensed naturopathic doctors and naturopaths. Naturopathic doctors are graduates of accredited naturopathic medical schools, completing rigorous training that encompasses clinical sciences, naturopathic principles, and therapeutic modalities. They have passed comprehensive licensing examinations and are regulated by state licensing boards. On the other hand, naturopaths may have varying levels of education and training, which can range from self-study courses to certificate programs. They are not held to the same standards as licensed naturopathic doctors.

State Licensing Variability

State licensing for naturopathic doctors can vary significantly. Some states have comprehensive licensing boards that ensure high standards of practice and patient safety, while others may have limited or no licensing requirements. It is essential to research the licensing regulations and requirements in your state when seeking naturopathic care. Choosing a licensed naturopathic doctor provides assurance that they have met rigorous educational and examination standards, promoting excellence in practice.

The Importance of Experience

Experience plays a vital role in naturopathic medicine. Licensed naturopathic doctors undergo years of education and supervised clinical training, allowing them to develop expertise in various modalities and treatment approaches. Their experience helps them navigate complex health conditions, personalize treatment plans, and make informed decisions. When selecting a naturopathic doctor, consider their training and their experience and track record in working with patients with conditions similar to yours. Experience instills confidence and enhances the quality of care you receive.

Not All Naturopaths Are Created Equal

The variability in education and training among “naturopaths” means that not all practitioners are created equal. Naturopaths who did not train and get licensed as naturopathic doctors - may have had a very brief online training and are not licensed to practice medicine or diagnose or treat patients.

Choosing a licensed “naturopathic doctor” ensures that you are working with a healthcare professional who has undergone an extensive 4+ year naturopathic medical education, rigorous examinations, and oversight by regulatory bodies. Naturopathic doctors are committed to providing evidence-based, safe, and effective care that aligns with the principles of naturopathic medicine.

In Summary

As you navigate the realm of naturopathic medicine, it is essential to recognize the big distinction between licensed naturopathic doctors and naturopaths. State licensing requirements can vary, and not all practitioners possess the same level of education, training, and experience. By choosing a “licensed naturopathic doctor,” you can have confidence in receiving high-quality care that meets stringent standards and prioritizes patient safety. Experience matters in naturopathic medicine, as it contributes to the depth of knowledge and expertise in addressing your health concerns.

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