Seasonal allergies acting up or still lingering? Thankfully, there are natural, effective treatment options. And being proactive about your health is definitely key to living your best life!

As a naturopathic doctor, I have some amazing tools that support your body, decrease symptoms, and can even eliminate allergies completely. Let’s dive in!



Food is medicine, but it can also cause problems. Eliminating general inflammatory foods decreases the burden on your body and immune system. This can decrease allergy symptoms. Blood testing for your specific food allergies and sensitivities is also a more advanced option that I offer.


The air you breathe is crucial. Clean, fresh air will decrease the burden of pollen and air pollution on your body. The most important place to have clean air is in your bedroom. I recommend getting an air filter. I use Austin Air - they are highly rated and have been used effectively throughout allergy seasons, fire seasons and to filter general air pollution. Please call my office if you would like to order an Austin Air Filter.

Home Treatments

The #1 treatment I recommend at home is the neti pot, or nasal lavage. Using sea salt in lukewarm water to clear the sinuses ensures they are kept clean and free of pollen, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. Typically ¼ tsp of sea salt to 1 cup of water is a good concentration.

Office Treatments

Addressing the underlying cause(s) is the #1 focus when you come to see me for allergies. Environmental triggers like pollen or animal dander are common; however, there could also be a food or digestive component, mold exposure, and/ or air pollution. These are all issues that I investigate and test for.

Addressing your micronutrient levels is another piece of the puzzle. Your basic liver detox pathways must be supported by the right nutrients. Testing for nutrient deficiencies can be helpful. And treating with IV vitamin therapy is a fantastic way to quickly get b vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and glutathione to the areas they are needed most.

Call my office today for support with your allergy symptoms. OR if someone you know is struggling with allergies send them my way. I would love to help!

I'm open for telemedicine visits as well as in-office therapies like IV nutrient drips. Be assured that your health is my first priority!