If you’ve been tired ever since a head injury occurred, then that’s a big clue as to the cause of your fatigue!!! 

Again, if your tiredness started right after a head injury and has lingered ever since, then…

Your head injury most likely has not been fully resolved - plain and simple. This is the most likely root cause of your fatigue and must be addressed - the sooner the better.

Conventional medicine does not offer a lot of support for people who are just tired on an ongoing basis after a head injury -  unless there is something more critically wrong with their brain that they can identify. 

But mild symptoms of head injury, or even more debilitating symptoms, can persist long after a head injury. Generalized brain inflammation is most likely present, and there may be some compromised blood flow and decreased brain function in certain areas.

The good news is there are a lot of natural medicine therapeutic options available if you’re willing to step outside of the conventional medicine world and explore them.

Example - hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) - is one of the top therapies I personally would consider doing in an unresolved fatigue post head injury case.

I would also pair this with other therapies like brain-focused nutrition, lifestyle, IV injectables, supplements, herbs, and homeopathy. A comprehensive and synergistic treatment plan yields the best results in my professional opinion.

Seeking out a natural, functional medicine practitioner who focuses on holistic, natural, root cause medicine should be considered. We can dig deeper into what’s needed to fully repair your brain and energy. Call us today!