Anemia is a condition where a person has a low amount of red blood cells (RBCs). RBCs carry oxygen through our body, which is critical for energy. 

Anemia can definitely make you feel very lethargic or tired. If this is the cause of your fatigue, it’s critical to get it diagnosed and fixed.

Testing for Anemia

Anemia can easily be seen on routine blood tests such as a complete blood count (CBC).

Causes of Anemia

It may be due to a few different causes - like low iron or low B12 and/ or folate. These levels can also be tested for through simple blood tests. 

It may be due to heavy menstrual periods or other bleeding disorders. Or it may be due to a lack of the right proteins and nutrients in your daily diet.

It’s important to find and address the cause of anemia. Many people read about anemia and fatigue and just assume they should just take some iron (without testing or checking anything) if they’re tired. Caution - I highly advise against this. You need to check to see if you really have anemia and low iron. Taking too much iron is toxic and dangerous if you do not need it.

Treatment for Anemia

If you’re suspecting anemia may be the cause of your fatigue, then see a healthcare professional for a complete workup with blood tests and appropriate treatment.

Here at Zuma Wellness we routinely check our patients for anemia and vitamin levels. So reach out if you’d like us to run these tests and assess things for you.