Testosterone hormone is critical to our overall health, in both men and women - it affects our energy levels, muscle mass and libido, just to name a few top things.

Low testosterone can cause a wide range of symptoms, including fatigue, decreased sex drive, depression, difficulty with erections, and osteoporosis.

If you suspect you may have testosterone deficiency, it's important to see a functional or naturopathic healthcare provider to get a proper assessment and discuss treatment options.

What is considered optimal testosterone levels on a blood test?

I recommend a full testosterone check of all of the following blood markers - total testosterone, free testosterone, bio-available testosterone, and sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG). 

See below for more info on total testosterone for men versus women...

For Men:

The ‘normal’ range for ‘total testosterone’ on bloodwork in adult men is ~ 250 - 850.

But the ‘optimal’ range for ‘total testosterone’ in adult men, in my professional opinion, should be at least over 600, and some men feel the best with numbers even much higher than that. 

So as you can see, unfortunately, there are many men with “low normal” testosterone who are probably tired and suffering in other ways too, but have been told that their testosterone level is normal and fine.

For Women:

Testosterone levels are often ignored altogether in women, unless you work with a functional or naturopathic medicine doctor who will usually check and treat this for you.

It is a common myth that testosterone levels don’t really matter and don’t need to be treated in women. 

Fact - women need a healthy level, albeit lower level than men of course, of testosterone too.

The ‘normal’ range for ‘total testosterone’ on bloodwork in adult women is ~ 2 - 45. But a woman with a T level of 2 or 5 or even 10 is probably not going to be feeling optimized, even though this is supposedly ‘normal.’ Most of my female patients feel best when we get their testosterone levels into the middle or high end of this ‘normal’ range - so usually 20 plus ends up being the sweet spot for them.

Consider working with a holistic, functional medicine professional like a naturopathic doctor. We can assess and test for optimal hormone levels and make sure all your body’s hormones levels are at their best levels so you can live with the full and healthy energy you deserve.