As we’ve discussed in our previous posts on this topic, when it comes to taking care of your health, supplements often play a vital role in filling nutrient gaps and/ or addressing specific health concerns.

But here's the thing—many people forget to ask important questions that can guide them in making informed decisions about supplement use!

In this blog post, we'll uncover the top five questions you should be asking about supplements but you may be overlooking. By seeking answers to these questions, you'll ensure the safety, effectiveness, and appropriateness of the supplements you choose.

Question 1: Do I Really Need This Supplement?

First things first, let's ask ourselves if we truly need that particular supplement. It's crucial to understand that supplement requirements vary for each individual. Factors like your health status, diet, lifestyle, and existing medications all come into play. That's why it's wise to consult a licensed medical professional who can assess your specific health profile and provide personalized advice. They'll help determine if a supplement is necessary for your unique needs.

Question 2: What Evidence Supports the Effectiveness of This Supplement?

It's time to dig into the evidence! Another essential question is whether there's solid scientific support for the effectiveness of the supplement. Look for supplements with a robust evidence base backed by well-conducted studies, published research, and meta-analyses. Trustworthy sources like medical journals or reliable healthcare professionals can provide valuable information on the scientific evidence supporting the use of specific supplements.

Question 3: Are There Any Potential Interactions or Side Effects?

Here's an often forgotten question: What about potential interactions or side effects? It's crucial to consider whether the supplement you’re considering may interact with any prescribed medications, existing health conditions, or even the other supplements you’re taking!

Some supplements can interfere with medications or other supplements, leading to unwanted effects or reduced effectiveness. Additionally, certain individuals may experience side effects, or sensitivity/ allergic reactions. That's why consulting a licensed medical professional who knows your medical history and current medications is essential. They'll help identify potential risks and ensure the safe use of supplements.

Question 4: What Is the Quality and Source of the Supplement?

You should be curious about the quality and source of the supplement you’re considering. 

I have literally had to tell patients to just throw their supplements in the trash can because they are more harmful than good for them - and not worth taking, at any cost!

A cheap, poor quality supplement is simply not worth it, no matter what the label says. Just don’t do it! I’d rather you save your money and take zero supplements versus taking bad supplements.

I’ve seen so many patients who think they’re on a good supplement plan and show me all their bottles, and think they’re doing so much good for their health by taking all this stuff, only to find out it’s all wrong! Or maybe it looks right, but the quality and dosages are so poor… it’s just never going to do what they’re expecting it to do.

Using only high-quality supplement brands is key.

It's important to choose supplements from reputable brand manufacturers who follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and undergo rigorous quality testing. Ask about the source of ingredients and ensure they come from trusted and reliable sources. “Medical-grade” supplements are usually a good choice because they will have these aforementioned standards in place.

The store or online shop you’re buying your supplements from is also key. 

The brand may be great, but you should also question who the seller is? Are they trustworthy? 

For example, a good, high quality brand supplement bought from an online shop that stored the supplement in a storage facility with no air conditioner in the summer… well, in this case, the supplement may look good on the outside, but it has been destroyed by heat.

Likewise, there are enough cases out there, and this should make you wary, of shops that have bottled fraudulent pills into a branded bottle and sold fake pills.

So, both the maker and seller are important. Understanding the quality and source of your supplements contributes to having a safe and effective supplement plan.

Question 5: What Is the Recommended Dosage and Duration of Use?

Last but not least, let's not forget about proper dosage and duration. It's essential to ask about the recommended dosage and adhere to it diligently. Taking more than recommended can lead to potential side effects, while taking less may not provide the desired benefits. 

Additionally, inquire about the duration of use—whether the supplement is intended for short-term or long-term use. Following proper dosing and duration guidelines ensures the safe and effective use of supplements.


By asking these top five questions about your supplements, you can approach the world of supplementation with more confidence and make more informed decisions about your health. 

Inquiring about necessity, evidence, potential interactions, quality and source, and recommended dosage and duration ensures the safety, effectiveness, and appropriateness of the chosen supplements. Remember, when it comes to your health, being proactive, asking questions, and seeking guidance from a qualified medical professional are key to optimizing your well-being.

Stay tuned for our next blog in our Decoding Health Supplements Series… Safely Get Started with Supplements: Why Collaborating with a Licensed Medical Professional is Vital for a Safe and Effective Experience

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