The main organs of elimination are the kidneys, lungs, colon, liver and skin. These natural routes of elimination MUST be active and functioning at all times. Dysfunction here leads to an unnatural accumulation of toxins. Excess toxins in the body may be considered one of the causes or triggers to many different symptoms and diseases. Your present health concerns may very well be the result of toxic accumulations in your tissues.

Below are some simple tasks that can be performed at any time to aid these organs in eliminating toxins. It is important to do all of these tasks so that toxic build-up has sufficient ways to exit the body.


The Kidneys: You urinate out toxins.

Support this route of elimination by drinking an adequate amount of water daily - ½ your body weight in ounces is a good, general rule of thumb.

The Lungs: You breathe out toxins.

Support this route of elimination with deep breathing exercises daily - 3 minutes of deep breathing several times a day is a good, simple way to start. Place your hand on your abdomen and inhale in such a way that your hand rises. At the peak of your inhale, try to inhale three more times consecutively. Now, slowly exhale. At the peak of the exhale, try to blow out the remaining air in your lungs with three short exhales. Repeat this for five cycles.

The Colon: You poop out toxins.

Support this route of elimination by eating a healthy diet with plenty of water and fiber. Make sure that you have at least one daily bowel movement for good health.

The Liver: You process toxins here to be eliminated further by the kidneys and colon.

Support this route of elimination by minimizing toxic exposure in your home and environment. You can also use topical castor oil packs over your right lower ribcage area to support the liver.

The Skin: You sweat out toxins.

Support this route of elimination by sweating daily. This can be induced by a hot bath, a sauna, and/or vigorous exercise. Exercise may include 20 minutes minimum of brisk walking, jogging, dance, yoga, or any other full body aerobic exercise that you enjoy.


Remember - good health is dependent upon your ability to breakdown and process toxins and then eliminate them via liver processing, urinating, breathing, pooping and sweating. So make sure you are doing all of these things efficiently and effectively.

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