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Embark on a journey of discovery, where the ultimate goal is not just to live but to flourish.

With over 18 years of dedicated clinical practice in the realm of naturopathic medicine, Dr. Murphy has witnessed firsthand the profound impact that pursuing one’s passions and creativity can have on overall health and wellness. She believes that to truly thrive, one must nurture not only the body but also the mind and spirit.

Why Passion and Creativity?
Passion and creativity aren't mere luxuries; they're essential components of a well-rounded, healthy life. In Dr. Murphy's experience, integrating these elements into one’s lifestyle can lead to transformative health outcomes, proving that when we align with our true passions and allow our creativity to flow, we not only achieve greater health and success, but also a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Explore the Episodes
Dive into some of our favorite episodes, where we unravel the threads connecting natural health practices to the art of living fully. From conversations with professionals in the fields of holistic health and creative arts to deep dives into how we can all cultivate a life of passion and purpose, these episodes are a testament to the power and beauty of weaving together the fabric of health and happiness.

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Episode 20
Meet Gabby Reece: a former professional volleyball player, speaker, author, model, and entrepreneur. Gabby shares how she juggles her many roles and responsibilities without becoming burnt out, while still prioritizing self-care.
Episode 19
Sharon Gless is a Golden Globe and Emmy award winning actress. Listen as she shares how she defied all odds and found success in the entertainment industry. She gives you her secrets to creating the life of your dreams.
Episode 18
Dr. Reef Karim is a double-board certified psychiatrist who left the world of academia to pursue his creative soul. This episode will teach you that you are hardwired with creativity, and you just need to learn how to bring it out.
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How did one man go from bathroom attendant to DJing for billionaire Richard Branson? By taking action and deliberately creating his dream life, Sammy Taggett shows us that we can find healing in even the darkest of times.
Episode 10
This week, I speak to Chris Chaney about his career as the bass player for Jane’s Addiction. Through his deep inner wisdom and unique perspective, we learn why it’s important to do what we love while taking care of ourselves.
Episode 1
Meghan is a naturopathic doctor turned entrepologist obsessed with the intersection between health, high performance, and entrepreneurship. She shares the value of purpose and how you can unlock your own.
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