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As we age, the production of hormones steadily declines beginning as early as 25-30 years old. Replenishing and re-balancing fluctuating hormone levels can make all the difference in our emotional and physical well being.

The goal of bio-identical hormones is to most closely match what is naturally produced in your body, so your body “sees” these hormones as itself, not as a foreign chemical like a drug. 

Dr. Murphy uses the lowest dose necessary method with hormone replacement. She seeks to optimize your body’s own hormone production via nutritional factors, stress management treatments, herbs, etc. and does not want to shut down your body’s natural hormone production by giving hormones doses that are too high or beyond physiological limits. She utilizes the lowest dose necessary to alleviate your symptoms, optimize your body’s functioning and make you feel great.
Dr. Murphy will measure your levels of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones, DHEA, cortisol, and HGH, to determine which levels are less than optimal, then she will customize a treatment program to balance these essential hormones to get your body back to optimal functioning.

In women, bio-identical hormones can ease breast tenderness, headaches, anxiety and irritability, mood swings, anxiety, hot flashes, poor sleep, depression, loss of focus, decrease or lack of sex drive, and inability to function normally.  Studies have shown that use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can reduce a woman’s risk of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, and memory loss.

For men, low testosterone, for example can lead to fatigue, loss of muscle mass and strength, low libido, erectile dysfunction and/or depression. Replenishing lost testosterone can often produce dramatic improvements in a man’s physical, sexual and emotional health.

Additionally, in both women and men, the appropriate treatment of stress hormones is essential for creating overall sex hormone balance.
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