PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy
Platelets are blood cells that aid the body in growing new cells. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), injected into the skin, acts to promote your own collagen to grow, regenerate tissue, and thus naturally smooth and tighten the skin.

The procedure involves a quick blood draw, followed by a process using the high quality Emcyte centrifuge machine to isolate your own body’s natural platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This PRP solution concentrate is administered to the desired treatment area in one of two ways, or both ways may be used for more optimal results.

The INNOPen™ is an innovative microneedling device that utilizes surgical grade micro needles to perforate the skin in a perfect stamp-like motion to activate the body's repairing mechanism. Micro injuries created by the INNOPen triggers skin cells to intensify the release its own collagen and elastin to erase years from your skin and allow for deeper penetration of treatment solutions for optimal benefits, treating your skin from inside out and outside in. INNOPen™ offers the safest method of collagen induction therapy because it leaves the epidermis (outer layers of your skin) completely intact and undamaged. What this means is a virtually painless skin rejuvenation with minimal to no downtime, and without the traumatic side-effects that are common with traditional methods. So sit back and let INNOPen™ do its magic to bring back the youth into your skin!

INNOPEN™ is recommended For:
Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Sagging Skin
Sun Damaged Skin
Enlarged Pores
Stretch Marks
Scars (Surgical, Acne,etc.)
Alopecia (Hair Loss)
Active Ingredient Penetration
Skin Rejuvenation
Improvement in Skin Tone and Texture
Dr Sarah Murphy

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