Functional Medicine / Lab Assessment

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For Optimal Physiological Body Functioning

Lab Work and Testing Available
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CBC/Chemical Screen
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Adrenal Fatigue Testing
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Thyroid Testing
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Iodine Testing
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Food Allergy Testing
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Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing
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Environmental Toxin Exposure Testing
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Nutritional Status Analysis
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Telomere Anti-Aging Testing
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Neurotransmitter Testing
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Nutrient Panels
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Genetic Testing
Are Your Lab Tests Really Normal?
A functional medicine approach to lab testing assessment is crucial in order to detect early indicators of functional disturbance in the body. The conventional medical model waits until there is more definitive evidence of organ or tissue failure - when it is much more difficult to restore healthy functioning of that organ or tissue.

In addition to diagnosing regular pathology and disease states, Dr. Murphy assesses for functional imbalances in the body on a physiological, biochemical, and metabolic level. Dr. Murphy will review any recent blood work you have had done, and even if it is considered in the “normal range,” there may be components that are “abnormal” according to the “tighter normal range” she requires to ascertain optimal body functioning. Using “optimal lab value ranges” can help detect abnormal body physiology, patterns of dysfunction, and nutrient deficiencies earlier before greater dysfunction or disease develops.

Additionally, Dr. Murphy may recommend more comprehensive testing and/or non-conventional/ alternative lab testing be done in order to gain a greater perspective on your health state and parameters that may be disturbing your body’s optimal function and putting your body at risk for progressing towards a more severe disease state eventually.

Additional conventional and non-conventional lab work available as necessary or requested.
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